RTP stream replay

RTP is network protocol mainly used for transferring multimedia streams in real-time streaming system. Most popular streaming protocols that use RTP are RTSP and SIP. One RTP stream can only be used for one type of media, for example: one RTP stream is used for video, another one is used for audio.

Short lived life of dynamic disks

Several years back I was helping a friend to install a dual boot system on his new laptop (happening Nth time). After starting installation I was unpleasantly surprised when I realized that his HDD was partitioned in a way unfamiliar to me; partitions were designated as “dynamic volumes”. Linux at hand was unable to use HDD partitioned in such a way which ultimately lead to tedious backup of the data and to reformatting of a whole drive (back to basic partitions or regular primary/extended partitions and logical drives we all are accustomed to).